Probity is the quality of having strong moral principles and ethical behavior. It is the adherence to honesty, integrity, and fairness in one’s actions and decisions. Here are a few examples of probity:


1. A judge who remains impartial and fair while delivering judgments, regardless of personal bias or external pressure.

2. An accountant who maintains transparency and accuracy in financial records, never manipulating data for personal gain or to deceive others.

3. A politician who refuses to accept bribes or engage in corrupt practices, acting in the best interest of their constituents.

4. A journalist who reports the truth objectively, verifying information before publishing and refusing to fabricate stories for sensationalism.

5. An employee who takes responsibility for their mistakes and admits them without trying to shift blame onto others.

6. A business executive who ensures that all their company’s dealings are conducted with integrity, complying with all legal and ethical standards.

7. A teacher who treats all their students fairly, never favoring one over another based on personal biases.

8. A researcher who conducts experiments and presents findings honestly, without manipulating or selectively presenting data to achieve desired results.

9. A leader who upholds transparency and accountability within their organization, ensuring that all decisions are made fairly and ethically.

10. A citizen who follows all laws and regulations, pays their taxes honestly, and respects the rights and property of others.


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