Case Study

You are a software engineer working for a technology company. Your team has been assigned to develop a new product, and the deadline is approaching fast. However, you realize that there is a serious security vulnerability in the product that could potentially compromise users’ personal information. Your manager is aware of the issue but urges you to keep it quiet and prioritize meeting the deadline. What ethical dilemma do you face, and how would you handle this situation?


Ethical Dilemma:

The ethical dilemma in this case is whether to prioritize meeting the deadline and follow your manager’s request to keep the security vulnerability quiet or to prioritize the safety and privacy of users by addressing the security issue before releasing the product.


Possible Solution:

In this situation, the following ethical principles should be considered:

1. Integrity and Honesty: Upholding truthfulness and transparency in all professional actions, even if it means revealing uncomfortable truths about the product’s security vulnerabilities.

2. Responsibility: Recognizing your duty as a software engineer to prioritize user safety and data privacy over meeting deadlines.

3. Professional Competence: Utilizing your expertise to identify and address security issues effectively.


To handle the situation:

1. Document the security vulnerability and any discussions with your manager regarding the issue.

2. Raise the concern with your manager, explaining the potential risks associated with releasing the product without addressing the security vulnerability.

3. Propose a plan to fix the security issue while minimizing the impact on the project timeline.

4. If your manager remains unresponsive or insists on keeping the vulnerability quiet, escalate the matter to higher management or the company’s ethics committee.

5. If necessary, consult with legal and compliance teams to understand any legal obligations related to security and data protection.

6. If all internal channels fail to address the issue, consider whistleblowing to relevant authorities or industry watchdogs if the vulnerability poses a significant risk to user data.

Remember that as a software engineer, your responsibility extends beyond simply meeting deadlines. Prioritizing the safety and privacy of users is paramount, and it is crucial to adhere to ethical principles and professional standards to make decisions that have a positive impact on users and society as a whole.

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