India 4th largest military spender in 2023: SIPRI

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  • India’s Military Spending in 2023
    • India spent $83.6 billion on military expenditure, making it the fourth-largest spender globally.
    • This increase is due to rising personnel and operations costs, which make up about 80% of the total military budget.
    • India’s military spending in 2023 was up 4.2% from 2022 and 44% from 2014.
  • Top Global Military Spenders
    • The United States, China, and Russia are the top three military spenders globally.
    • Following them are India and Saudi Arabia.
  • Factors Contributing to India’s Military Spending
    • Increased spending aligns with the government’s goal to strengthen operational readiness amid tensions with China and Pakistan.
    • Capital outlays for military procurement remained stable at about 22% of the budget, with 75% used for domestically produced equipment.
    • The move towards domestic procurement reflects India’s aim for self-reliance in arms development and production.
  • Global Military Spending in 2023
    • The five biggest spenders in 2023—the United States, China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia—accounted for 61% of global military spending.
    • The US spent $916 billion, and China’s spending was estimated at $296 billion.
    • Russia’s military spending grew by 24% in 2023 to an estimated $109 billion.
    • Ukraine became the eighth-largest military spender in 2023, with a 51% increase in spending.

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