Seven steps framework for Sevottam Model

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The Sevottam model, developed for improving the quality of public service delivery in India, is based on a seven-step framework. Each step is designed to ensure that services are efficient, transparent, and citizen-centric. Here are the seven steps:

  1. Define Services and Identify Clients: This step involves a clear definition of the services provided by a government department or agency and identifying the target clients or beneficiaries of these services. Understanding clients’ needs is crucial for effective service delivery.
  2. Set Standards and Norms for Each Service: Establish specific, measurable standards and norms for each service. This includes defining the level of service quality, timelines, and the process to be followed.
  3. Develop Citizen’s Charter: Creation of a Citizen’s Charter, which is a written declaration by the government department listing the services provided, the standards of service delivery, and the rights of citizens. It serves as a commitment to uphold certain service standards.
  4. Build Capacity to Meet Service Standards: This involves ensuring that the department or agency has the necessary resources, infrastructure, and trained personnel to meet the set service standards effectively.
  5. Build a System for Service Delivery Including Grievance Redressal: Develop a robust system for delivering services, including mechanisms for addressing grievances. A responsive grievance redressal system is critical for accountability and continuous improvement.
  6. Monitor Performance Against Service Standards: Regular monitoring of the service delivery against the established standards. This step involves collecting data, analyzing performance, and making adjustments to improve service quality.
  7. Evaluate Impact and Continuously Improve: The final step is to evaluate the overall impact of the services on the target clientele. Based on feedback and performance assessments, continuous efforts should be made to improve service delivery.

The Sevottam model aims to bring a systematic approach to enhance the quality of government services, making them more people-oriented and effective. It emphasizes accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement in public service delivery.

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