The 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC)

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The 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) was constituted by the Government of India to suggest measures to revamp the public administration system in the country. The commission submitted its final report in 2009, which contained a comprehensive set of recommendations. Some of the key recommendations included:


1. Restructuring of the civil services to make them more efficient, responsive, and accountable.

2. Introduction of lateral entry into the civil services to bring in domain experts from various fields.

3. Decentralization of power and functions to local bodies and empowering them for better governance.

4. Strengthening the grievance redressal mechanisms and making the administrative system more citizen-friendly.

5. Improving the efficiency and transparency in public procurement and contract management.

6. Enhancing the use of technology in governance and implementing e-governance initiatives.

7. Revising and simplifying the legal and regulatory framework to reduce bureaucracy and promote ease of doing business.

8. Rationalization and right-sizing of government departments and agencies to improve efficiency.

9. Strengthening public sector performance by introducing performance-based evaluations and accountability mechanisms.

10. Promoting ethics and integrity in public administration through training and awareness programs.


These recommendations aimed to modernize and improve the functioning of the public administration system in India. However, the implementation of these recommendations may vary over time and across different government.

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