Free Upsc Mock Test Series

Try Free UPSC Mock test Series Prepared By the IAS officer [Prince Luthra {AIR577}]. Compare yourself with others in All INDIA RANKING

UPSC Prelims 2021 (Online Mock Test Series) + Video Discussion

Over All Features

  • There are 10 Full Length Very High-Quality Mock Tests that designed as per UPSC standard (Prepared By an IAS Officer).
  • These Tests are designed in such a way that they will help you in analyzing and prepared your self for the UPSC prelims
  • First Test is free for all the subscribers Click here to attempt the test
  • There will be full length video discussion after every 2 weeks . This helps in revision of your test and help in analyzing and understanding your performance. Video Discussion will be uploaded on our Youtube Channel – NETMOCK  you can subscribe our channel by clicking here

SUBJECT-WISE Based Approach

  • This test series is mainly meant for those who have finished basic reading at least one.
  • Tests under this test series will be Subject – wise and will help you complete both prelims and mains syllabus .
  • This test series has 35 Tests.
  • Out of 35 Tests, 20 tests are subject-wise and full length (100 Questions).
  • There are 10 Full Length tests to give you extra edge over others.
  • SUBJECTWISE GS TESTS are in both English as well as Hindi Medium

Common Features:

  • Every Test will cover Current Affairs comprehensively from May 1, 2019. This helps you read and revise current affairs from the beginning.
  • Every test will cover 10 percent of previous test’s syllabus. This is to let you not forget what you have read for first test and thereafter. Helps you revise previous tests before the next test.

Sources of CURRENT

  1. The Hindu
  2. pib 
  3. Indian Express 
  4. Rajya Sabha TV

Sources of STATIC

  1. NCERTs 
  2. Laxmikanth 
  3. Bipin Chandra  
  4. Spectrum 
  5. GC Leong  
  • Your doubts would be addressed under each test discussion page.
  • This test series will seriously prepare you to tackle actual exam with full confidence.

CSAT Tests:

  • Both the Test series includes a total of 5 CSAT Tests
  • Full Syllabus : 5
  • CSAT TESTS are in English Medium only


We Invite you to conduct the Free UPSC Mock Test and compare your performance with others in All India Ranking. 

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