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Prelims Test Series 2021

Prelims Test Series 2021 program is created by Prince Luthra sir (UPSC AIR 577) to cover all the important aspects of the UPSC examination.

1) Video Discussion by Prince Luthra Sir
2) 10 Full-fledged tests
3) 20 topic-specific tests
4) All India Ranking
5) Full Test Performance Analysis
6) Prepared by Civil Servants
7) 5 CSAT Test

365 Days Writing Programme

1) Each day one question will be given
2) Answers will be evaluated by Prince Luthra sir
3) Individualistic feedback will be given on answer writing styles
4) In 365 days 365 questions will be covered to the area such as National issues, International Issues Indian economy Science and Technology in the Polity of India
5) You will also get the marks so that you can compare your performance with others
6) tips and strategies to write the best answers will also be shared
7) this series will run every month you will compare your performance on day 1 to day 365 and you’ll see the remarkable difference in your answer writing style if you write regularly.
8) Prince Sir will share his secrets which helped him cracking Mains in the 1st attempt itself.
9) How to write eye-catching Intro, Body, and Conclusion, tips concerning the same will be shared.

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18 reviews for Prelims + Mains 365 Days | Prelims Test Series 2021

  1. madhusree.chem25

    Best for the practice

  2. ds2831815

    Questions are of UPSC Level

  3. pihu4101994

    cost effective

  4. adityaraj

    This is a very nice and helpful app for upsc aspirants

  5. jyolovesjyo29

    This app is very helpful i can’t explain how much I learned from this app..

  6. vivekallahabad100

    Cost effective and really useful

  7. lovepreet33487

    helps me alot for upsc preparation

  8. patilapharma05

    Mains checking is super good

  9. chunmun12091998

    It is really helpful for all upsc aspirants as it provide content in Hindi for hindi medium students also.

  10. anjali kumar

    qustions useful important topics easy to understand and remember

  11. gautam

    UPSC prepration this qustions helps a lot thank you sir

  12. asthaku

    this topics really helpfull easy to move

  13. prasanth

    its very useful for practice

  14. neels

    helpful for UPSC

  15. sudhakar

    cost effective most useful for UPSC

  16. swati

    its really good

  17. sital

    this practice very useful cost effective realy impressive

  18. poonam

    this practice very useful cost effective realy impressive

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